3 Month Fitness Challenge Results!

**Finale Results of our 1st Fitness Challenge!**
Watch my 1st Month’s results- http://bit.ly/1pVu5yg
Month 2 results- http://bit.ly/ZpUjPV

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I started my first Fitness challenge on this channel on July 16th 2014. (Also my wedding anniversary). October 16th marked the end of our 3 month fitness journey. We are all doing different exercises I’m sure but hopefully everyone is sticking with it. I have some pretty good results and actually love my 360 in this video. My thighs still look huge in this video but they are slimming I think. Yay! So happy I made it without quitting on your guys! Don’t forget to share things that are going right and wrong with your journey. You can also send in pictures if your want. I’ll post them on Workout Wednesdays on my FB page.

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