America’s Next Great Trainer Awards with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Here is a vid of my acceptance speech for my $10,000 check and overall award for the America’s Next Great Trainer Reality TV Series in front of Arnold, the Governor of Ohio and the Mayor of Columbus. I can’t believe what happened to be honest…

In the beginning of the vid you can see Arnold and the Governor asking for my business card because they want to work with me in some capacity to help inspire and inform the kids with in their after school mentoring program. And at the end of the vid I pull Arnold up out of the crowd and basically fist bump him… It was incredibly surreal and exciting I did not even know what I was doing… But such an incredible experience to be aligned with I believe to be the most powerful man in the world that is helping others with health, fitness and longevity. Sorry the vid got cut off at the end… but there is plenty here….

Thanks to Coach Patti Gaffney for catching this incredible moment for us. #ChicagoPersonalTrainer #12WeekTransformationCoach #CorporateWellnessTrainer

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