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Remember, your body has a remarkable ability to regenerate new, healthy, disease free cells ( you can literally recreate a brand new body in a years time ) when you improve the quality of your food and your thoughts.

Do not use the word diet or weight loss. Instead, use healthy eating plan and gain muscle and lose fat. That is your goal.

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2. My Favorite Fat burning meal – uncooked oatmeal, raw eggs and a little bit of flavored whey protein for flavor. It is mostly an all real food meal; it is quick to prepare, quick to eat and quick to clean up. It is easy to consume exactly how many grams of protein and carbs you need to consume. And it tastes great. It is a perfect healthy plan for busy people.

3. Keep things simple when attempting to come up with a plan on carbs, fats and proteins

Protein – Use high quality eggs, red meat, fish, tuna, whey protein, buffalo, venison, turkey etc.

Sooner than later shoot for eating a meal every 3 hours. And shoot for 25 – 45 grams of protein in each meal.

25 grams of protein per meal – Females and males under 145 lbs
35 grams of protein per meal – 145 lbs. – 185 lbs.
45 grams of protein per meal – 190 lbs. and up

Starchy Carbs are the gasoline for your muscles ( engine ). The more muscle you have and the harder you work them ( hit the execrator ) the more starchy carbs you need.

You should have a high day of starchy carbs and a low day. Alternate days; usually consuming your high day of starch carbs on days you work out intensely with weights.

100 grams of carbs per meal – Females and males under 145 lbs
175 grams of carbs per meal – 145 lbs. – 185 lbs.
300 grams of carbs per meal – 190 lbs. and up

Consider going two days low starchy carbs and one day low. This will assure that your body does not go into a starvation mode.

Potato’s, Rice, oatmeal, banana’s, Quinoa are all very good sources of starchy carbs.

On your low days of starchy carbs you want to increase your healthy fats ( coconut, flax / chia seed, avocado, fish oil, mct oil, etc.

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