Workout with me! Abs & booty workout

Click here to subscribe- me on Instagram- This workout is heavy on planks because they really help with tightening your core. My mid section ached for days. The step ups with weights are also great and they are the only

Booty firming Workout- (New Year, New You Challenge)

Click here to subscribe- me on Instagram- may or may not be the last video for the New Year, New You Fitness Challenge. Do you want me to make another or do I get a pass because I posted a

Lower Body/ Leg Toning Workout~ (New Year New You Challenge)

Click to SUBSCRIBE- will definitely get your legs burning. Don’t worry. Even I have a hard time doing it. Lol. You’ll see.Some exercises look weird because my knees turn inward naturally. Overlook it! This lower body workout targets the legs and boy were

My Brother passed away!

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Abs & Core tightening workout- (floor) (New Year, New You)

This workout routine is for your abs, core and obliques. They are all floor exercises so you could use a yoga mat for extra comfort. In and outsfrogstyle in and outscrunchesplanks etc funfitness5000, fun fitness, funfitness 5000, forusnaturals, Aisa Kemp

Full Body Warm Up- (New Year New You Challenge)

I promised to post a workout every Wednesday in January but I couldn’t wait so here’s a Warm up routine to do before your workout. In a pinch this can be a quick workout that you can run through a few times to burn calories.

New Year, New You (NO EXCUSES Fitness Challenge)

It’s that time of year again. We all promise ourselves that we are gonna finally quit smoking, eat healthier, get a better job and most often we promise to lose weight /get in shape or just plain exercise. The sad part is that we often quit shortly after starting

3 Month Fitness Challenge Results!

**Finale Results of our 1st Fitness Challenge!**Watch my 1st Month’s results- 2 results- Follow me on Instagram- Don’t forget to let me know how your journey is going down below in the comments.

Polar Ft7 VS Timex Heart Rate Monitor (Rant)

Watch my Review of Fit Tea- original Timex- other Timex- FT7- (Womens)Polar FT4- I’m talking about the major differences between my timex heart rate monitor and

How Your Anchors Prevent Your Weight Loss Success

How Your Anchors Prevent Your Weight Loss Success Anchors are the reasons that join you to any conduct. Your stays started from greatly solid dull memory affiliations, which are activated by your five faculties of hearing, vision, smell, taste, and touch. You are continually being tied down in distinctive courses through out your life. Case in point, when you hear a certain melody and it brings back a memory of a particular individual, or a spot in time, this is a sound grapple or a stay activated by your feeling of hearing. Have you ever reached somebody shockingly and recognized that something about her/hem helps you to remember somebody or something else? This is a visual stay or a grapple activated by your feeling of sight. As of recently the greater part of your grapples have been introduced in your … Continue reading »