My Version of the Side Plank – It Will Rip Up Your Abdominal Wall Big Time

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Tips to make this Side Plank for Ultimate Abs better

Blow your air out as you slowly pulse top hip to ceiling
Pull your belly button in during contraction / squeeze
Tap free hand on bottom ( working side ) oblique’s
Do 5-8 quick pulses once slow pulses get very difficult
After quick pulses drive top hip up as high as possible for 5 seconds
End exercise with a 10 second ( as slow as possible ) negative

To see the abdominal muscles that you build up with effective exercises like this side plank, bring your overall body fat level down
by utilizing a personalized plan in

1. weightlifting & stretching
2. cardio – 80% Interval Cardio , 20% fat burning cardio
3. nutrition – utilize food logs
4. goal setting – 1, 6 and 12 week goals with emotional reasons
5. social support

six pack abs
love handles
rectus abdominas
side obliques
internal obliques
external obliques

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