Should I Count Calories to Burn Fat & Gain Muscle

The question; Should I count calories to burn fat & gain muscle has always been around.. And I do not count calories myself, nor do I have any of my clients count calories.

We do count grams of starchy carbs.

Having a target for starchy carbs is important. Everyone should have two targets for starchy. A high day ( days you exercise with weights ) and a low day ( days you don’t do weights or do cardio for fat burning ).

How To Come Up With Starting Point For Starchy Carb Intake

If your metabolism is

SLOW – High Carb Day – Consume 100 Grams
Low Carb Day – Consume 40 Grams

MED – High Carb Day – Consume 150 Grams
Low Carb Day – Consume 75 Grams

High – High Carb Day – Consume 200 Grams
Low Carb Day – Conume 90 Grams

If your metabolism is Slow or Medium do not consume Starchy Carbs in your first or last meal of the day..

This is just a very rough guess and a starting point for consuming carbs.. but it is an educated guess. The key is to stay consistent with the amounts and check the waist line once per week.

Feedback to monitor to change starchy carb intake.

Did you lose 1/4 to 1/2 inches off your stomach?
How was your strength and endurance for your workouts? same, better or worse?
How was your energy and mental focus through the day?

If you make your waistline goal and improved any of the above and are experiencing higher hunger levels, then you can increase the grams of starchy carbs 10-15% for the next week.

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